CINAM investments provides a full spectrum of management services aimed at owners of all types of commercial and residential property in Uganda. By focusing our efforts on optimizing the value of your assets in a cost effective way, we achieve optimal returns on investment while reducing outgoings. Land acquisition, survey, documentation, titles and transfers.

Liaison services between lessor and lessee.
Proactive planning for increased convenience for condominium owners.

Integrated leasehold management through by providing access, liaison, administrative, and professional services for long leases and extension.

Monitoring and accounting for the useful life and condition of the estates/property.

Full and proper screening or testing of an applicant’s credit, criminal history, rental history and ability to pay.
Listing properties for rent or helping negotiate leases.

Regular properties inspection to ensure quality service from contractors and to keep on top of any service or compliance issues.

Major building components are more thoroughly inspected twice annually to determine what major projects are necessary in the upcoming seasons.

Cinam develops an annual calendar based on each condominium’s unique maintenance needs to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

Mitigation and remediation regarding any maintenance issues, generally within a budget, with prior or conveyed consent via a Limited Power of Attorney legally agreed to by the property owner.

General Maintenance of properties.


The term ‘’CONDOMINIUM’’ applies to a type of property ownership rather than to any distinct particular style of building. The term “CONDOMINIUM” does not refer in any way to the physical structure of the building or building complex.


  1. Residential condominiums,

  2. Non-residential condominiums

  3. Vacant Land

  4. Leasehold Condominium

  5. Leasehold Condominium

  6. Common Elements Condominium

  7. Phased Condominium

There are many advantages to condominium living. Some of these are:


  • It is more economical, generally, than comparable non-condominium housing.

  • It enables people of moderate and middle incomes to own their own homes.

  • It makes private ownership possible in areas where land values would ordinarily make this too expensive.

  • It eliminates some of the problems of upkeep and maintenance often associated ownership

  • It allows ownership in a multi-unit property with each owner paying his or her separate realty taxes

  • It gives the owners a right, in different ways, to participate in decisions which affect their homes.

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We provide advanced condominium

property management
through specialized focus and

innovative technology.


Cinam Investments understands that client has different preference and interests in Real Estate be it residential, commercial or both. We therefore take pleasure in satisfying these needs by providing strategic plans (Architectural and administrational) considering geographical area and potential business hubs with a 12 t0 36 month projection. Also being a local company, Cinam Investments has a very trustworthy chain of professional construction suppliers who come at a substantial fee due to our endless partnerships. From material, contractors to casual laborers, we deal with the best

Management and Maintenance

Cinam Investments through condominium
will manage and maintain client’s
property residential or commercial
through sourcing for the right tenants,
buyers, routine inspection, management
of maintenance staff, supervision
of repairs, etc.

Financial Management

Our financial reporting systems are designed so
that they are easy for the average homeowner
to follow.
They are well-organized and comprehensive so
that our clients see substantial savings in auditing

Project Management

Over the years, Cinam Condominium Property Management
has developed extensive experience with large
scale projects for our clients.
Contractor supervision and preventative maintenance

Administrative Management

Cinam manages your corporate register, using the most up to date
technology. Owners may notify us of changes in their contact information
through community websites.
We help to manage your communication needs, including newsletters
and notice requirements under the Condominium Act.
Execution of agreements on behalf of clients and Conduct negotiations
with respective tenants.

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